Direct payday loans online -How to get an online loan with bad credit?


Tom’s credit loan is intended for adult Czech citizens who are interested in a quick loan, they only need a small amount and cannot borrow, for example, in a bank. Just like the vast majority of non-bank loans, even Tom’s credit can be arranged easily over the Internet, with just a few minutes to complete the application. However, you will need two ID documents, proof of income, and you also need to verify your phone number bank account. However, you don’t have to worry about any fees in advance – only one crown is transferred as a verification fee.

Loan repayment is made once by paying the outstanding amount together with the fee, but the loan can be repaid in parts – in this case, the money is first used to pay interest and fees, then the loan itself. You can easily extend your loan term online from your Tom’s credit client’s account, the first extension is 30 days, or the second is 20 days and the third is 10 days. The loan extension fee is CZK 70, and you also have to pay interest on the outstanding amount – only then will the loan be extended.

The basic interest rate is the same for Tom’s credit loans and is 1% per day, ie 365% per annum. However, in the case of a discount (which both new customers and regular clients have), the interest is lower, and for those clients who receive the status of the platinum customer, the full 30 percent discount is already available. So the loan is not very cheap, compared to many others, but the fee is not so exaggerated. Also important is the fact that you don’t have to pay anything in advance (except for a symbolic one crown to verify your account) and you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees, arbitration clauses or other pitfalls.


How to get an online loan with bad credit?

Before embarking on a loan application, prepare all the necessary documents and documents so that you do not have to unnecessarily delay their search. To handle the loan you will need two personal documents (ID card and second document – eg birth certificate, passport or driving license), then a mobile phone (you will receive an SMS with verification code), bank statement and income proof. Once you have everything ready, you can start filling out the application form for online loan for bad credit to PaydayChampion.

The exact procedure for applying for Tom’s credit via the Internet:

An application for a non-bank loan of Tom’s credit is submitted on the company’s website. A credit calculator will appear right at the top to set the required loan amount and maturity.

But remember that the first time you are limited to a maximum of 3,000 CZK, the maturity period is 30 days. As soon as you are satisfied with your loan settings, click the red Apply Now button to open a new form.

It consists of three parts, the first one to give basic information about your person.

Specifically, you will need to fill in your first name, surname, gender, date of birth, birth number and OP number, followed by your permanent and possibly contact address, as well as information on your income and expenses, and whether you are in execution or insolvency. To confirm the information, click Next to go to the second part of the form.

At this point, you will receive a text message with a four-digit code on your mobile. You enter it in the prepared fields in the monitor to verify your phone number. Then fill in your bank account number, answer two simple questions, and set up your Tom’s credit login password. You may or may not link your account to Facebook, but if you do, your chances of approving the loan will increase. Then click Next and the last step is ahead of you.

In the final stage, you will then have to check your bank account (by sending a symbolic crown to your credit company account) and documenting your current income. Then you just have to wait for your application to turn out and be approved or rejected. Although the number of rejected applications is relatively high, the chances are fairly good, especially if you have at least some good income and no debts.

The annual interest rate is always uniform – 365%, just as with the APR, it is only an indicative figure, it does not include the above-mentioned discount of 200 CZK. Only loans for new clients have been included in the table; Tom’s credit website includes APR and interest on higher amounts only to registered clients.

Fee Schedule

Loan Amount Due date APR Interest Discount You pay in total
500 CZK 30 days 2334% 150 CZK 200 CZK 500 CZK
CZK 1,000 30 days 2334% 300 CZK 200 CZK 1 100 CZK
CZK 2,000 30 days 2334% 600 CZK 200 CZK CZK 2,400
CZK 3,000 30 days 2334% 900 Kč 200 CZK 3 700 CZK


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I apply for Tom’s credit?

The loan is only negotiated over the Internet, the application can be submitted at

Can money be sent on behalf of a third party, or paid for?

No, the loan can only be sent to a bank account. At the same time, it must be the applicant’s account and must be kept by a bank operating in the Czech Republic.

What is the interest rate for this loan?

The maximum interest rate is 1% per day, ie 365% per annum. In the event of a discount, the rate is even lower.

What are the benefits of the regular customers of this credit company?

Clients who borrow repeatedly and at the same time have their previous obligations with Tom’s credit paid in time will receive a discount within the so-called customer club. Its member will become automatically after the proper repayment of the first loan (the condition is to be at least CZK 1,500 for a minimum of 10 days) and gradually get a discount of up to 30% for the status Platinum customer. Together with the higher status, the maximum loan amount is up to CZK 7,000.

Is it possible to extend the loan term? If so, under what conditions?

Yes, the loan can be extended even repeatedly. But first, you have to pay the extension fee (70 CZK) and the total interest. This must be done no later than at 23:50 on the due date. The first extension is 30 days, the second 20 days, and the next 10 days.

Is it possible to repay the loan early? Isn’t there a fine for this?

You can easily repay the loan early and no penalties are required. On the contrary, early repayment is advantageous because you only pay interest for the time you actually had the loan. You can find the exact information in your online account after signing up for Tom’s credit loan website.

What are the main advantages of this loan over competitive offers?

Compared to most similar short-term loans, a longer maturity of up to 45 days is an advantage (only 30 days for most other loans). Another plus is a 200 CZK discount for new clients or a loyalty program that brings a discount on every additional loan to those who pay on time. The advantage is the possibility of early repayment, thanks to which you save on interest.


Final evaluation

Tom’s credit short-term non-bank loan is rather the average in this category of credit products. Its interest rates are far from being the worst, and, with its loyalty program, every additional loan is a little cheaper. Positive is certainly the possibility of repeated renewal, early repayment free of charge with interest only for the time of borrowing, or the absence of unnecessary fees. The big advantage is the possibility to borrow for up to 45 days, on the other hand, only regular clients can have this option after several properly repaid loans. In any case, Tom’s credit loan is a proven and affordable non-bank loan that does not offer as favorable conditions as some competing companies, on the other hand, it is not as overpriced as many other SMS loans. If you can’t find a better alternative, we can recommend Tom’s credit – its loan is absolutely safe and reliable.